Ethiopia Photo Expedition 2015- second part

Addis Ababa and beyond

The land north of Addis Ababa is rippling with endless mountains, a dramatic geography with old history and culture. Ethiopia is the cradle of our earliest known ancestors and a hub for some of the first Christians, Muslims, and Jews culture.ETHIOPIA-15-12-02-1300

After a day of travel through the Rift Valley we reach Lalibela where the 11th century rock-hewn churches are. This is a famous isolated location in the Northern Ethiopia’s mountains with orthodox churches. Lalibela contains 13 churches, all constructed during the emperor Lalibela during the 12th and 13th centuries. This area contains one of the largest monolithic church in the world, the  Bet Medhane Alem and it is thought that it contains the Lalibela Cross. Another well preserved church is the Bete Giyorgis.ETHIOPIA-15-12-02-1060

Without our knowledge, when we arrived it was a religious holiday and the church we visit it it was flooded by pilgrimage and priests praying and preforming religious duties. With approval from the head priest we got the allowance to photograph and experience this unique religious holiday.ETHIOPIA-15-12-2-353

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