From Bangkok to Addis Ababa

Ethiopia first touch

And this is my short story of taking off and arriving today.
Last night I did fly to Addis Ababa -Ethiopia to start a photo adventure with my dear friends in Eastern Sahara. I took off from Bangkok on Ethiopian airways thinking that every airline company will have a decent airplane. but to my surprise I walked back in time. The door opened to an old 737 with old smelly seats, the emergency doors hold in place by wood screws and at that point I ask my self, are we going to make it over the Indian ocean and more to the continent of Africa. My concern wasn’t just the airplane but the weight the carry ones the pas angers were bringing in, they did look like check in size bags with the need of two to three people to lifted in the over bag compartment, now I understand why the Ethiopian fly attendants need to be big and strong woman, forget about the look, this is a necessity. Luckly it was a very late departure flight , so by the time I reach my seat at 1:45 Am I crashed and wake up 2 hours before lending to an uninviting breakfast plater with a display of white bun, white muffin cover with sweet think on the top and a cup of early gray tee. But I give them the credit of not being late, everything was in time and we made it without the airplane falling a part. I forgot to mention, if you want to be entertain please bring your iPad or computer, the seats do not have a TV and they are old and they display interesting colors. So here I am waiting for my other friends to arrive and take of after tomorrow in the desert away from the new technology as I should say. If you like to know more about this adventure please fallow my face book or my blog.


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